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Torn (Whiskey Sharp #3)

Sometimes what you find isnt what you were searching for...Beau Petty has been searching his whole life. Searching for a place that fills all the empty spaces in him. Searching for a way to tame the restlessness. Searching for answers to the secret hes never stopped trying to solve. What he wasnt searching for was a woman to claim all of him, but when Cora Silvera walks back into his life, hes ready to search out all the ways he can make her his.Cora has spent her life as the family nurturer, taking care of others. But now shes ready to pass that job on to someone else. Its time to make some changes and live for herself. Its in that moment that her former teenage crush reappears and the draw and the heat of their instant connection is like nothing either of them has experienced. He craves being around her. She accepts him, dark corners and all.Beau thinks Coras had enough drama in her life. He wants to protect her from the secrets of his past, even if it means holding back the last pie...

Title : Torn (Whiskey Sharp #3)
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ISBN : 9780373799428
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 391 pages
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Torn (Whiskey Sharp #3) Reviews

  • Heather andrews

    Cora is a very honest woman, “unless the person getting effed against a wall very much wanted you to eff them against a wall. In which case, it was very romantic. Some women like roses—I like getting effed against a wall. But to be fair, I like roses too.” Sometimes Beau's woman is too much for him, “you look effing gorgeous. Sexy and curvy and da*n it I don’t want to leave the house now.” I liked this book, I fell in love with Beau.

  • Larri

    3.5 stars

  • Tina Christopher

  • Jennifer

    ARC received for review

    They met years ago when she was a teenager and he was twenty something. When they meet again, sparks fly. They are hot together, really hot. He's a keeper for anyone even with a slightly messed up past. It's a very sweet romance with a little angst and lots of hot sex. Got to see all the old gang again.

    Why three stars you ask if it sounds like I like it and them? There's no resolution to her and her mother. I didn't feel like there was a resolution with him and his past.

  • Darcy

    How nice to read a romance without drama, instead it was a slow getting to know each other between Beau and Cora. I really liked how they knew each other in the past, how that connection in the past allowed the spark to go forward in the present. The comfortable way that the eased into a relationship was nice, the shared time spent with each other and their mutual friends was great! The only real issues were their family's. Cora's was mostly her mom, who is a little bit high strung. I liked how ...more

  • Jennifer

    Writing is as great as ever.

    Story is extremely unique.

    I did struggle a little bit more with the dialect in this one a few times though very minor (that could have been me-things going on personally making my mind wander).

    This book was good. For whatever reason however it wasn’t my favorite. I loved the first 2 Whiskey Sharps. I’m a huge Lauren Dane Fan. Laid Bare is in my top 10 all time favorite books.

    If your a fan of Lauren Dane, read the book.

    If you’ve read the first 2 Whiskey Sharp book

  • ms bookjunkie

    I enjoyed the relationship buildup, and that both main characters were confident and competent in the life paths they were on, and that they were emotionally adults, but. But. I'm not sure I saw enough toll taken by the issues they had. Then again, I'm not sure I wanted them facing those issues too realistically? I wanted something more, something je ne sais quoi that would engage my emotions. It might be my Hollywood brainwashing that demands this…? Dunno. Must reread.

  • Jess

    Weird as fuck and I had to make myself read it since I bought it. Definitely one of the bad dialogue books.