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Room to Dream

In this memoir, David Lynch - co-creator of Twin Peaks and writer and director of groundbreaking films like Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive - opens up about a lifetime of extraordinary creativity, the friendships he has made along the way and the struggles he has faced - sometimes successful, sometimes not - to bring his projects to fruition.Part-memoir, part-biography, Room to Dream interweaves Lynch's own reflections on his life with the story of those times, as told by Kristine McKenna, drawing from extensive and explosive interviews with ninety of Lynch's friends, family members, actors, agents, musicians and collaborators. Lynch responds to each recollection and reveals the inner story of the life behind the art....

Title : Room to Dream
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ISBN : 9781782118381
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Room to Dream Reviews

  • Kevin

    Filmmaker David Lynch notoriously eludes talking about his work, so a nearly 600-page memoir is quite a surprise. In an effort to create a definitive biography, Lynch and coauthor Kristine McKenna have produced ROOM TO DREAM , a tantalizing hybrid of biography and autobiography. McKenna, who interviewed more than 100 people, writes the straightforward biography chapters offering perspectives from ex-wives, producers, cast and crew members. A chapter by Lynch follows, elaborating on the preceding ...more

  • Randy


    Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about David Lynch, his life, art and films. This is a fascinating and enlightening book. It helps of course if you're familiar with his movies (and his music) but even if you're not you should get a lot out of this read. You may come out the other side of this book a different person (and I'm only half-joking about that). Worst case, only your doppelganger will come out. ;)

    My love for and appreciation of his work have deepened, th

  • Reuben

    Straight off the bat I have to say: don't believe the way this book describes itself. Statements like "David Lynch opens up for the first time about a life lived in pursuit of his singular vision", "An unprecedented look into the personal and creative life of the visionary auteur David Lynch" and "Lynch’s lyrical, intimate, and unfiltered personal reflections riff off biographical sections" make it sound like this book will explore his creative process in some way, but it doesn't. When it talks ...more

  • Matthew Wilder

    Lightweight but fun account of the making of David Lynch. Feels like the text to a nonexistent self-made Lynch coffee table book.

  • Serhiy

    У книги незвична структура: кожний розділ складається з двох частин, перша написана Крістін Маккенна як звичайна біографія, друга написана самим Лінчем як коментар до першої, де він щось доповнює, проянює або навіть заперечує.

    Попри таку подвійну оптику, книга не дуже допомагає збагнути Лінча. Типовий Лінч це щось таке: “Eraserhead is my most spiritual film, but no one has ever gotten that from it. The way it happened was I had these feelings, but I didn’t know what it really was about for me. So

  • Paulo Mota

    What do I get from David Lynch? What do I learn? Things that move me the most. Integrity. Honesty. Warmth. Compassion. Love. Everything could be pitch black, just hold on. Hold on to yourself. It isn't about money or success, its about doing what you love, no matter what. This is what David Lynch has to tell everyone. I had read it on Lynch on Lynch and Beautiful Dark. Room to Dream gives you just that. Its about knowing what you already know, but its current. Its a driving force. We need to lov ...more

  • Rob Hermanowski

    "Room to Dream" is a biography of famed filmmaker and artist David Lynch, written by both Lynch and biographer Kristine McKenna. For any fan of Lynch's work, this is an absolute must-read, and I would strongly encourage consuming this in audio format. Chapters were written, and are read, alternately by McKenna and Lynch himself. The book was conceived as both a biographical factual piece (in which all major events life events, as well as details of the creation of films and other artwork, are co ...more

  • Carolyn

    For people who love to read how artist, actors, and writer's grew, struggled, fought heaven and hell to be as famous as they have become, this book is for them. David Lynch has been a terrific writer and famous for his share of the TV Show Twin Peaks. I won this in a goodreads giveaway and I'm thankful to Random house and Goodreads for letting me enjoy this bio. memoir told by Lynch and his friends. Good Read.